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We do not ship individual issues outside of the UK to save airmiles on small orders. However, we try to track where IFLA! is sold around the world.


If you stock IFLA! and are not on this list, please let us know. If you would like to stock IFLA!, please contact Antenne Books.


After 8 Books [Paris]

Artbook @ Museum of Modern Art [PS1, USA]

Artwords Bookshop [London]

Arnolfini Books [Bristol]

Athenaeum Boekhandel [Amsterdam]

Basheet Graphic Books [Singapore]

Cahier Central [Paris]

Coffee Table Mags [Hamburg]

Chandal [Barcelona]

Colours May Vary [Leeds]

Corraini Mambo Bookshop [Bologna]

Do You Read Me?! [Berlin]

Edicola 518 [Italy]
Family Bookstore

Foam Projects B.V.

Frab's Magazines & More


Good News

Gudberg Nerger [Hamburg]

Grand Tour Social Club

Heath Ceramics

Homestead Store 


John Sandoe Books [London]

La Biblioteka [Sheffield] 

Libreria Verso Srl

Locavore [Glasgow]

Lorem (not ipsum) [Zurich]

Magalleria [Bath] 

Magazine Brighton [Brighton]

MagCulture [London]

Magma Books [London]

Manifesto-Associacao [Porto]

McNally Jackson Books [New York]

Modern Life Fun SL

Modern Painters New Decorators

Most Laden

MZIN [Leipzig]

The Newbridge Project

One Half In [Zhoushan City, China]

Papercut [Stockholm]


The Portobello Bookshop

Print Matters! [Zurich]


Punch Srl-D

The Royal Academy of Art [London]

Rainbow News

Rare Mags [Stockport]

Reading Room

Ripe Studio

Rosa Wolf [Berlin]

Shop A/D/O

Skylight Books [Los Angeles]

Smug Store

Soda Buchladen [Berlin]

Somerset House [London]

Stack Magazines

Tambourine [Spain]

Tate Modern Shop [London]

Tomart Ltd [Hong Kong]

Tender Books

The City Reader

The Portobello Bookshop

Under The Cover [Lisbon]

Village Bookstore [Leeds]

Who is There

Zabriskie Buchladen [Berlin]

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