• Ibrahim Kombarji

The Bestest: in search of Trump's perfect American sky

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

We have the cleanest, purest, most crystal clear air in the world, we are the greatest people by far, we are America. Donald Trump First Rally Campaign in Colorado, June 2019

As Donald Trump's grandiose claims echo through his deep roll-backs of environmental legislation in the US, artist and architect Ibrahim Kombarji goes in search of the 'perfect American sky' above our heads. He finds a forest of clouds impairing our decision-making, storing our water, changing our weather and tracking our lives and he traces an intricate and ever-shifting world in our skies.

Ibrahim Kombarji works between text, drawings, myths and rumors. Trained as an architect in Beirut, New York and Lund, his work explores the atmosphere, the power-play at borders, and lately the ways in which carbon dioxide acts as a political device. His work has been featured in DOMUS, Rusted Radishes, GSAPP and Urban magazine.