Green Things to Do During Self-Isolation

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Recommended environmental activities during self-isolation: help climate projects, absorb some green lifestyle hacks, spend some time reading up on key environmental thinking. Got suggestions, or a green project that needs volunteers? Email us at

Help a climate scientist

Climate science projects often crowd-source helpers, computer memory and enthusiasm to push projects forwards. This week we spotted climatologist Ed Hawkins call for help transcribing rainfall records on twitter, and most universities have contact pages if you want to offer your support. Zooniverse also have a list.

Learn how to do better with your food waste

Space10 have just released Future Food Today, a cookbook co-developed with Barkas. The result of months spent testing recipes from their Test Kitchen at home and abroad, it’s a tangible vision for what the sustainable kitchen of tomorrow may look like. Uniting technology, science and food, Future Food Today is a collection of sustainable recipes that keep both people and planet in mind.

Make the most of free green books and resources

There are lots of free books and trial periods springing up to fill time in social isolation. Fellow climate magazine Bumble has free access to their first issue online, and Verso Books have lots of environmental material in their free e-book repository (as do Open Humanities Press). For some free science content, NASA just made their entire media library public and a helpful person has uploaded an extremely long list of free science resources here.

Take a virtual tour of a Natural History Museum

This repository of virtual tours of thousands of museums from around the world is extraordinary. Check out everything from bugs in Spain to skulls in the US to butterflies in the UK.

Join a seed library

Got a garden? Seed libraries are springing up across the world: borrow some seeds, plant them, recoup new seeds, return! Many will send by post, give them a call or email! A great way to help diversify your garden while you're stuck within its walls. Plus, gardening has all kinds of health, wellbeing and other benefits.

Do all those swaps you've been putting off

Switch to a green energy supplier, do the calcs on whether a new boiler or glazed windows is the best retrofit value for money, look into EV chargers near you, sign up to a railcard. A lot of meaningful climate action decisions take time and effort, particularly if you are on a budget. There are lots of resources out there, make the most of them!

Support a good cause

Lots of environmental projects are going to struggle in the coming months, particularly conservation and activist groups that depend on volunteers and the outdoors. Now is a great time, if you can, to make donations, leave good reviews, follow their social media accounts and share their work. To get started: