About Us / Pitching Guidelines



Not sure what your pitch should include?​ We like it when... 

  • Pitches briefly explain what the article would be about, highlighting key messages or conclusions for readers 

  • Pitches include anything we should know about possible interviewees, or examples of relevant experience

  • Pitches describe or point us to any of your previous work - writing or otherwise

  • Pitches are about articles that are critical and analytical. We aren't interested in 'how to's, descriptions of projects and events or news stories. We want features, criticism and original thinking. We sometimes take personal essays and opinion, and we do take creative pieces and reviews.

  • If you've already written a full piece, do send it to us. But you don't need to, a pitch is more than enough.

  • Writers from any country or background are welcome, you do not have to be a journalist.

  • We print in English, but are happy to work in translation or support writers for whom it is a second language, just let us know.

Writing for Print 

We look for pitches for writing in December and June. Please email editor@itsfreezinginla.com with your proposal for an article in these months. Key notes:

  • We pay £150 for articles that are around 1,000 words in length

  • We select articles by shortlisting pitches, and then choosing the final articles as an editorial team. If editors want to write, they have to pitch too!

  • We sometimes release a theme, see our social media or news.

Writing for Online  

We look for pitches for writing online on a rolling basis. Please email editor@itsfreezinginla.com with your proposal for an article. Key notes:

  • We cannot pay for work for our online space at present.

  • We select articles on a case-by-case basis, with deadlines set to meet your and our availability. 

  • We like reviews, pieces linked to the headlines and opinion pieces.